Thursday, January 23, 2014

SCAVENGER HUNT LIST - Increase your powers of observation on items related to VVM based vaccine management

Scavenger hunt is a game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items/situations. Then, the participants seek to gather all the items on the list and take photographs of the items/situations, as specified. For fun and learning purposes throughout the course, we will be hunting a list of items as described below. You need to find these items in your own settings, searching and finding others’ photographs in the web is not acceptable.

We want each of you to find as many items as possible and post your hunt (the photograph and the story behind it) to this blog. You do not need to wait until you compile all of them, post your hunt as you find one and then the other. Increase your powers of observation on items related to VVM. 

  1. International arrival of vaccines
  2. Primary or intermediate vaccine storage facility showing vaccines in storage – show a vial with VVM 
  3. Vaccine dispatch from a storage facility 
  4. Refrigerator with vaccines organized (need to see VVM) 
  5. A health worker in immunization outreach 
  6. A health worker giving a vaccination which the VVM is visible on the vial/ampoule 
  7. Temperature monitoring devices in a refrigerator (need to see at least two different types of temperature monitoring device including VVM) 
  8. Scanned image of a document related to a VVM policy 
  9. Scanned image of a stock ledger with VVM information integrated 
  10. Yourself showing a vial of vaccine with VVM in very good condition

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